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Fan Tributes to the vauxhall cavalier.
1990-Michelle Callis says...Well safe.Men and Motors
1983Manualalison mckenzie says...This was my first and only car (it blew up) but I loved it for its excellent shape and ease of driving. A love that has never died.Men and Motors
19892l i DOHC GSIRob Wonnacott says...The Cavalier Gsi is the best family saloon car of all times. When the GSI was first sold, the braking system was very advanced for its time. with discs allround and sensors to tell you if the ABS was faulty or when the pads were low you could stop on a penny with standard brakes. The car itself is a very spacious 4 door saloon with a big enough boot for all the familly shopping. As for the engine it pulls right through the revs and will easily 140mph on the standard engine. Many people call the GSI a sleeper as they look like a standard car but with the 150BHP engine the power is forced out in every gear. Still to this day the GSI's are loved and alot of people now put the XE20 engine in corsa's and usually they do the gsi brakes are swaped aswell. If you have driven a GSI you will know what i mean but if you haven't then take one for a spin. You will be amazed.Men and Motors
1995SRiDavid Wright says...The best car I've ever owned! It just went and went ... fast.Men and Motors
1988-Kate Lugar says...Smooth running and economical to run.Men and Motors
19921.8 GLSiGraham Whitelock says...Reliable, workhorse, economical, pleasure to drive, versatile.Men and Motors
19881.9 LXiDonnie Robson says...My first fast car! It was the dogs danglies and had a kick ass sound system. Many happy memories from my old car, May it RIP as some idiot rolled it into a field after I sold it.Men and Motors
19921.6 gl mark 3peter randall says...My 3rd car lasted me for years and anything to the engine i done myself and it still kept going. until a joyrider took it, best car ive ever owned.Men and Motors
1987SRi 130Brian Davies says...Looks and handling. What a car!Men and Motors
1977GLS Coupe 1.9 L PetrolPhil Turley says...Looked cool and quick for the year of manufacture.Men and Motors


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