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Fan Tributes to the toyota supra.
93Import facelift VVT-i twin turbo Willis says...Why? Cause it can spank most 40/50K motors in stock form, slightly modded and you can look down your nose at most porches and the likes.Men and Motors
1986MKiii 3.0i TurboSean Barry says...What an outsatnding looking car with high performance and luxury as well.Men and Motors
19893John simmons says...What a jap classic!!!!Men and Motors
19963.0 Twin TurboChris Birks says...Very Fast.Men and Motors
19933.0 Twin Turbo Parnell says...Timeless looks, stunning performance and very reliable.Men and Motors
1993MKIV 3.0l TTMr. Gardner says...Timeless good looks, fearsome performance and it turns heads wherever you go...Men and Motors
-1993mk4 TWIN TURBORichard Unsworth says...This car has the lot!Men and Motors
1987-Paul Finnon says...they still look cool even tough they are at best 12 years old now!Men and Motors
1996mk 4 3.0 Twin turbomandy gladstone says...They look fab and when you floor your right foot it sends you to the back of the car.Men and Motors
1996-mr. McGonigle says...The streamline curves, the performance, the appeal. This is the ultimate supercar.Men and Motors
19973 litre Twin Turbo Supra says...The soop doesnt come served with carlsberg, but if it did it would probably be the best performance car in the world. (just kidding, it is the best performance car in the world).Men and Motors
19903.0 TURBOMr. Leadbetter says...The power, the shape, the power, the interior, the power, did I mention the power? And all for 2-3k (now0, you just cant beat that value!Men and Motors
19873.0 iGuy Staunton says...The most comfortable car i've ever driven. stunning performance.strong six cylinder engine. great build quality. timeless styling. the feeling you get when driving the car. and the fact that i've got one on my driveway!Men and Motors
1994MkIV Twin turboMr. Simpson says...The mkIV Toyota Supra is one of the most aesthetically stunning production cars of all time. With over 300bhp as standard it out-performs many of the cars that will appear on this list, and with a few simple modifications it will give almost all of the cars on this list a run for their money! Stick a Veilside bodykit on it (like mine!) and not much will beat it for looks :).Men and Motors
1998MKIV 3000 Twin TurboRob Oldham says...The BEST engine to ever come out of Japan (2JZ) - shame they have gone all soft like the rest of the planet now.Men and Motors
1993mkiv 3.0 Twin Turbolackie smith says...Take it you havent seen them before then!Men and Motors
1994mk4 twin turboashley hutchinson says...Supercar performance at a fraction of the cost.Men and Motors
1993mk4 3.0 twin turboTim Walpole says...Supercar at family car price.Men and Motors
19933.0ltr RZ twin turboRichard foskett says...Superb looks, great handling, and awesome performance. The complete package.Men and Motors
1999mk iv 3 ltr twin turboJohn Wheatley says...Superb High performance car without the silly price tag, extremely reliable & well built.Men and Motors
1986MA70 3.0L turbo (Mark 3)Gillian Hughes says...Solid GT with good ride and smooth engine.Men and Motors
19903.0i turboMr Bondango says...Sleek, Fast, Head turning!!!Men and Motors
1994mk4 twin turbo manualrobert percival says...Rather than put a car I'd never owned like a ferrari I thought I'd choose the best car I've owned. It has outstanding performance, bullet proof reliability and timeless good looks. And you can get a good one for around 10k!Men and Motors
19953.0 Twin TurboGary Hopkinson says...Outrageous performance, superb styling, superior engineering, modern classic.Men and Motors
1986Mark 3 3.0L inline 6 TurboPaul Jones says...One of the most under rated cars of all time.Men and Motors
1990MKIII 7MGTe 3.0 TurboMarty ball says...One of the miost underrated modern jap classic available, as i say - old skool looks - new skool performance!Men and Motors
19903.0 TurboMichael Smith says...One of the best cars i have ever drive.. smooth and responsive in all gears.Men and Motors
1989mk3 3.0 turboben morley says...Nice car to look at and drive.Men and Motors
1987Mark 3 3 litre TurboDanny Moyes says...My dad has one and it's really fast and looks cool.Men and Motors
2000-Francis Maina says...Looks a beauty, drives well, good for modifying, good standard engine.Men and Motors
1993Twin TurboStuart Frankland says...Jaw dropping looks and jet fighter performance in an affordable package.Men and Motors
1996TTgordon munro says...It's just awesome. Fast, sexy, fast, sexy, did I mention fast.........and sexy...One heck of a great car!!!!!Men and Motors
19983.0 Twin TurboTrevor Bourner says...It's a gorgeous car that is limitlessly tuneable. With very little spending, it can beat almost any stock car out there. It's also a hell of a lot of fun with traction control off!!Men and Motors
1995MK IVAnne Benney says...It is the most beautiful fast car in the world - really!Men and Motors
19953.0L Twin TurboIan Mackey says...It is an absolutely stunning car as standard, its a nice car to look at and is as beautiful as a diamond. Its fast and crazy, and of course...its a jap car. (Breezer).Men and Motors
19983 litre Twin TurboChris Webley says...It is a timeless shape with so much potential. The speed these cars go is something to put the frighteners up and exotic owner.Men and Motors
19893.0i TurboMagnus Svedberg says...I'm the lucky owner of one and it's the greatest car I have ever driven.Men and Motors
1998rz 3.0 petrolMICHAEL GEORGE says...I think my favorite car of all time has to be this because it looks stunning for the year it was out (1993). It was made by what i think are one of the best car manafacturers of all time. It was built with racing pedigree, it even had a front spoiler so that if you traveled over 55mph for over 5 seconds it would come down and help the car grip the road. Even the carpet fibres were hollowed out. Need I say anymore the toyota supra for me is the best car on the planet.Men and Motors
19993.0 twin turbokev hope says...I own this wonderful car and have had many enjoyable nights in this motor range-ing from burn-outs and drifts on an raf-airfield, to an empty car park with the local laydeez.... its a sure fanny magnet that will get all the laydeez goin no matter what... so dont be shy, rate this amazing machine.Men and Motors
19933.0 twin turbowayne milne says...I own one and i love it japanese performance at its best.Men and Motors


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