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Fan Tributes to the nissan skyline.
0gtr-v spect ali says...The daddy - the govener of supercars, bonecrushinghly tuneable with loads of street respectbadge snobs need not apply.
1990-Alan Gifford says...Why not!Men and Motors
1995GTR R33Mr. pearce says...Very hard to find one in standard form, the standard R32 still is the fastest production car around the nurburgring, the modified ones are even better, up to 1300 bhp,beat that. Plus I have one, only 400 bhp but i can use it every day and for a super coupe it has more room than most four door cars, the road presence is awesome, I know people who have given up ferraris, lambos&porsche to own the legendary skyline.Men and Motors
2000gtr r34 awd petrolmark thomas says...Truly an awesome car to drive and for the money easily keeps up with most super cars for 5 times the least money.Men and Motors
1998r34 gt-rJosh Weeks says...This car is mega rare you hardly ever see one and when you do do it makes you stop and stare like a beautiful girl or something!Men and Motors
1994R33GTS25T 2.5 turboMr. Canvin says...The skyline has to be one of the best cars ever made due to their ease of modifing for very little effort.,1/10th the cost of a ferrari and also better performance than most cars on the road once modified, I could go on and on, but ill bore you all to death.Men and Motors
1994GTR VspecMr. Levack says...The pinacle of Japanese Technology. One of the true Beasts from the East.Men and Motors
2000GTI-R34Tarnjit Singh Birdi says...The most awesome production car that is affordable and has unbeatable performance and is value for money.Men and Motors
1997R33 GTR V SPECKEVIN HOBBS says...The most awesome car that I have ever driven. Very easily tunable to an excess of 700+bhp.Men and Motors
2000R34 GTR M spec NurVictor Chan says...The car has a clever torque differential system. This system calculate which wheel has the most grip and gives that wheel the most torque or power. And this is done all the time. ,Also the RB26DETT engines can be tuned to around 600 or 700 hp before stock parts needs replacing. As for the M spec Nur edition, you take away the factory limit and the engine automatically produces around 450 hp. And that engine can be tuned to over 1000hp. i.e. Andy Barnes Skyline R34 GTR has been tuned to 1000hp by sumo power. HKS Skyline R33 GTR has 1280hp and can do the quarter mile in 7.67 seconds. Also, the skyline built by top secret in Japan has around 900hp. It just shows that Nissan Skylines are ultimate racing machines!Men and Motors
1999GT-R R.34David aceituno says...The best sports car.Men and Motors
2000GTR R34James Hughes says...The best all-round practical supercar. Astonishing acceleration and handling. Four full size full height comfortable seats. Rare, with brutally powerful good looks. Holds the record in its class for the Nurburgring. Easy and relatively inexpensive to increase the perofmance. Phenomenal brakes and grip. 4 wheel drive & 4 wheel steering.Men and Motors
2000GTR V-SpecMatt Scott says...Supercar performance, affordable price, Japanese reliability and innovation, all with 4 seats so you can frighten your granny!Men and Motors
1998R34Tim Rudd says...Supercar for the masses.Men and Motors
20002.6 gtr vspecjames cresswell says...Show me a car that can do more!Men and Motors
2002R34 GTR 2.6 Twin TurboBen Smith says...Probably one of the best hi tech japanese cars ever manufactured. Unbeliveable tuning capability, tough looks and the technology to match. Awesome all round vehicle.Men and Motors
2000R34 GTR V-SpecAndy Wells says...Looks stunning, sounds amazing. Rare! Import only. turns heads as you drive past.Men and Motors
1998r34 gtrRichard David Walker says...Its big, its mean, and its stupidly powerful.Men and Motors
2000R34 GT-R Nur SpecAlex Butler says...It's a lovely car standard and can outperform most cars with similar specs, but add a relatively small cost in aftermarket performance products and you have a monstrosity of a vehicle, able to play with the higher end super cars. A truely fantastic car.Men and Motors
2000GTR R34Robert Booth says...Its those back lights! No it's the performance! No it's that agressive font end! No it's that digital dash! The whole bloody thing is FANTASTIC, what a motor!Men and Motors
1995r34 gtrjason warren says...It came with all the extras as standard with the power of a car with a high price tag.Men and Motors
2002 gtr v specHassan Amin says...I like this so much because you can modify it and any color will look good on it and the engine is just the best out of any car.Men and Motors


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