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Fan Tributes to the hyundai coupe.
20022.7 petrol austin says...Very good value, economical for the size of engine, reliable, 5 year warranty. Such a good looking car.Men and Motors
1996- lorrance says...This car is the dogs bits. and the wife likes it. well that makes a change then...... have owned for the last year and a bit and still smile every time i drive it.Men and Motors
19962.0l SEwes warwick says...Stunning, reliable, sporty, well built coupe for an excellent price.Men and Motors
19962.0sechris grandon says...Stunning looks, great performance, excellent value.Men and Motors
20012L SESarah Farnham says...Reliability, looks, performance, price and a very informative and helpful owners club.Men and Motors
20012L SEMICHAEL BRIGGS says...Looks of it's own and very sporty, at a price the average person can afford.Men and Motors
1998F2John Howes says...Looks and feels like making love to a beautiful woman !!Men and Motors
1996-Linton Hart says...Its not just another box. A classic of the future. A beautiful shape that you feel came out of someones imagination and not just pumped out of a computer.Men and Motors
2004optionalGail Sim says...It's a great eyecatcher and what with a 5 year warranty, you just can't go wrong !!Men and Motors
1998F2Dan Taylor says...I've got one! Also lots of flash for not much cash!Men and Motors
20002.0 SEAndrew Burke says...I have owned plenty of car's, and this is the only one to give me so much pleasure. In fact it's the only one I've owned for more than a year without getting bored. I've had it for over 2 years now and I still love her to bits!!Men and Motors
19982.0 SE (Petrol)Zoe Withnall says...I bought the car new in 1998 and six years on I still love it. The reason I bought it was the shape, it was unlike any other car with all those sexy curves!,86,500 miles later and there are no problems to report and the reliability has been excellent, how many cars can you say that of? I haven't been disappointed with the car at all, and the Coupe is now so popular that there is a thriving Coupe community. The car is still a head turner and the style hasn't aged one bit, I may be slightly biased towards the first generation of Hyundai Coupe but the following 2 models have been equally popular. To sum up its a sports coupe with the styling and extras expected of a more expensive marque, it looks fantastic, handles well and looks great.Men and Motors


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