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Fan Tributes to the ford granada.
1973consol 3 litre v6DAVE PALLETT says...THE SWEENY IS THER ANY MORE TO SAY I STILL WANT ONE NOW. The Sweeney! Is there any more, I still want one now!Men and Motors
1999-Alan Simkins says...Roomy, reliable and goes like the proverbial (at least, mine did)! It was still drivable even after the car next to it caught fire in a multi-storey car park - dirty, but drivable and not many cars would do that!Men and Motors
1996scorpio cosworth 2.9i petrolchris ball says...Just sheer luxury at a price the ordinary man could afford, reliability, and performance which was awesome.Men and Motors
1976coupe 2.8 petrolrichard pilgrim says...It's an absolute classic. a great drivers car. ford did themselves proud by making this car. why, oh why did they make so few of them.Men and Motors
1980-Kenneth Hogg says...Iconic car beloved of The Sweeney.Men and Motors


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