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Fan Tributes to the dodge charger.
1969440 rt Armstrong says...With sounds and looks like that what else could there be. The Italians and the Germans have never made an engine that sounds that good even on tick over, pure classic styling.Men and Motors
1969-Chris Peacock says...Ultimate muscle car.Men and Motors
1968426 HemiLEE TURNER says...The car just looks awesome, pure muscle car from any angle. Just wish I could afford to run one of the buggers!Men and Motors
1969the general leeryan marshall says...The car is awsome!! you can spot it for miles. it drives, and handles like a dream. i should know, i own one.Men and Motors
19697.2 petrolBarry Gordon says...Shear size and power but also, its looks.Men and Motors
1969RT 440 CU 375 BHPmike summers says...Pure classic muscle car.Men and Motors
1974r/tMatt Wilde says...Pure brute force and muscle and a blatant disregard to the world, love it.Men and Motors
1969rtbrian cooney says...Just the best looking car ever and after all it was the genaral lee.Men and Motors
1969440 R/TSimon Lees says...It's the bad guy car!Men and Motors
1969-Karl Grace says...It was only built for a short period of time, was not very well designed with a massive engine that guzzled petrol but was very exclusive.Men and Motors
1968-stephen lincoln says...It looks like it does what it says on the tin.(mean and fast).Men and Motors
1969r/tali Robins says...It is a power car that can leave all the other cars sitting at the trafic lights smelling your burning rubber and it also looks amazing from the bonnet to the boot.Men and Motors


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