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Fan Tributes to the bmw Isetta.
1956-cecilie Siegel says...You get more smiles per mile in an Isetta than any other car in the world.Men and Motors
1957300 Fullerton says...Why not? There's not much to compare it to. Fill a parking lot with Ferraris, Porsches, Lambos, etc. and let an Isetta drive in. Guess what car everyone will be looking at?Men and Motors
1960300 cc petrol chitty says...Unusual eye catcher, economical, easy to maintain and has an excellent club for spares and contacts. The Isetta was the first car I owned and has remained an active vehicle for over 40 years.Men and Motors
19651 DoorHarry King says...This would be the minimum in transportation. It would also be adaquate for most needs. Highway deaths would certainly be reduced if we all drove Isettas. They will not run fast enough to kill even in a head on.Men and Motors
1956300mark sebolt says...They are so dang cute.Men and Motors
19584 wheelerMike Ayriss says...The old rose tinted glasses make it driving experience to remember every time we use it.Men and Motors
1963300 cc 4 stroke petrol single cylinder.Jeffrey Wareing says...The Isetta is a superb car to drive and the engineering is first class for a car originaly shown in 1957. It has stunning looks and can attract more birds than a Rolls Royce.Men and Motors
1957300 SINGLE CYLINDER 300CC (max)kevin dowson says...So much fun, everybody geta put in a good mood and the famous question from people under 25 did you build it yourself mister.Men and Motors
1960300 bubble car cc petrolJanet Reynolds says...Smiley, happy car. We love them.Men and Motors
1959-Ian Hathaway-Jenkins says...More fun than a Ferrari at a fraction of the cost. Easy DIY motoring just like it used to be. No computers needed-only this one!Men and Motors
1961300 cc petrolmark fisher says...bubble car! Its the most fun you can have in a car with your clothes on and even better when there off!!!Men and Motors
1961bubble car 300 cc petrolJanet Reynolds says...It's the most enjoyable car ever and everyone want's to be your friend when you own one!Men and Motors
1958395cc one-cylinderWilliam Waite says...It's not the fastest, or most comfortable, but it has a cute factor that draws more smiles from people than any other car ever built, period!Men and Motors
1968300ccLeighton Richards says...It's just the ultimate car. It's funky, fuel efficient and beautiful.Men and Motors
1957-TomLee Mullins says...I think it is a really neat vehicle. It is quite unusual and very cool in its different color schemes.Men and Motors


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