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Fan Tributes to the Volkswagen Beetle.
19761.3Renan Karni says...You can't argue with a 50 year production streem.Men and Motors
19711300Emma Walker says...Why not!Men and Motors
19721300Peter Dallaway says...What can you say. It is a buzz to drive. Basic but enough. It still has an appeal to it that makes people want to buy them and do them up to look good.Men and Motors
20031.4 smart says...Totally unique styling, eye-catching, chic & functional.Men and Motors
1998New VersionMr. Whittaker says...Took the brilliant classic Beetle as the starting point and took it to the new millenium. It also spawned lots of wannabes, like the Mini, PT Cruiser etc.Men and Motors
19701.3 +Mr. Reid says...This car is an affordable classic, it is a treasure to own and full of character, especially the 1970's convertible. The new shape is just as popular and the design is inkeeping with the original look, plus it comes with a little flower on the dashboard which is a cute touch!!!Men and Motors
1960any stamford-crane says...They're costly, drive badly and rule over any car ever made in appearance! with the most character in a car you can find.Men and Motors
1965-Clifford Friday says...They still haven't worked out a better design.Men and Motors
1941600raybeer beer says...They just keep going on and on.Men and Motors
19741.4Paula Morrison says...They just have so much character.Men and Motors
1950 anymr. bates says...The shape of the body and the noise of the engine. it all gives the beetle a character all of its own.Men and Motors
19671500Mr. Swinney says...The original VeeDub Beetle is ultimately the most classic of classic cars. Most people on the car-driving planet have been exposed to one of these little beauties at some stage of their life. It is a marvel of engineering and production has done more for motoring than any vehicle ever created. With out this, we would not have the Porsche line of vehicles and in particular the 911. The year and model specified above was a particularly good year for the VW beetle a change over year so inheriting the good looks of earlier models but at the same time enhancing the engineering of the car to make it more driveable. These cars only ran a short production life so are now rare and collectable. Each generation pushes the limits of the Beetle ever further, and now with its rebirth (albeit as a better-looking golf!), it will go on inspiring and bringing joy to millions more people for many years to come.Men and Motors
1936ConvertibleJohn Murphy says...The original convertible beetle - with the roof down on a sunny day - is the world's coolest car ever!Men and Motors
1998-Angela Gibson says...The only car on the road with a better personality than me :).Men and Motors
1945-Eduardo Torres says...The only car in the world everybody recognizes.Men and Motors
19501200 Saloon Smart says...The most popular selling car ever, outstanding design, and overall the coolest in the world.Men and Motors
1970-Will Craven says...Stylish classic with personality.Men and Motors
2002-Paula Dixon says...So much character, fab colours and a great new version of an old classic.Men and Motors
0-ian brown says...Sales, longevity and popularity.Men and Motors
0-steph Constable says...Quirky like me.Men and Motors
1930-Jane Clarke says...Put simply, this car is a design icon. For a vehicle that was designed 70+ years ago it doesn't look out of place in modern traffic, but at the same time it stands out from todays computer designed soulless econo-boxes.Men and Motors
1954Type 2Keith Lee says...Oh please - like there needs to be a reason!! We're talking the most classic, cult, admired vehicle ever.Men and Motors
1946-Michael Rochfort says...Obvious - sold more than any other car with no change to basic design. Uncomplicated and reliable. Still a car with a large cult following.Men and Motors
197313john bratton says...Most reliable very rarely break down cheap to run.Men and Motors
2004Cabrio 2.0ltrRobert Harold Antrobus says...Most fun for the money you can have with the roof down. Mine is knicknamed the Tardis despite its small boot opening it swallow a suprising amount of stuff!Men and Motors
19601300DAVID GARRITY says...More cool that a cool thing on a cool day.Men and Motors
2001cabrioletcarol chan says...Looks good, because Jeremy Clarkson thinks they are uncool.Men and Motors
1960-Stephen Burnett says...Just the best looking and fun car ever built.Men and Motors
19701600gt limited editiontrevor cross says...Just a cool car and a limited edition, my first car so it was very special!!Men and Motors
19661300adam large says...Its a classic motor and cool as a eskimos cool bits and i have 1.Men and Motors
1930type 1adrian quester says...It was the first truly affordable mass production car, which paved the way for the motor industry we have today.. It isn't the greatest car... but it must be one of the most popular.Men and Motors
1997-jan beer says...It was my first car, its cool and it had a great shape it brings memories of happy carefree times.Men and Motors
19301300Philip James says...It is known all over the world no matter where you go you will see at least 1 of some description. Try finding another car that has been produced in as many numbers that you can still find prime examples of.Men and Motors
1940(old style)Lee Barber says...I'm a biker by nature but this is the only car, that I have owned, which always made me smile when driving it. I would buy another one. It was a classic, bullet proof car with loads of character.Men and Motors
21.6pauline harper says...I just Love my Little Blue Bug.Men and Motors


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