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Fan Tributes to the Toyota Mr2.
19871.6 PetrolMr. Adams says...Very fast affordable baby super car, in its day it had the looks of a lotus, mid engine grunt and fun of a ferrari and all for a fraction of the price.Men and Motors
1990GT -TBARMr. Miller says...This is indeed a poor man's Ferrari ! In T-Bar spec you can have an open top and enjoy the wind in your hair when the sun shines and a normal coupe when it rains. It was built by the Japanese not the Italians so it'll never break down !!! In sumary its a stylish sports car that can still turn heads, do the commute and when you want kick ass too...Men and Motors
1990-Mr. Bridgehouse says...The last true mid- engined, sports car the anyone can afford.Men and Motors
1985Mk1 1.6 NA or SCPeter Kelly says...The Far Eastern Ferrari - A blend of Japanese engineering and Lotus racing experience. First accessible 2 seater, still a great drive in this day and age.Men and Motors
21.8i (hardtop)nigel rumsey says...So much fun to drive and handles really well to.Men and Motors
19952.0 16vStuart Laws says...Looks good, drives like a dream, fantastic value.Men and Motors
1991mark 2 2l petrolnik salsbury says...Just a totally orgasmic looking car thats great to drive.. an all round winner.Men and Motors
1994GTS T-bar 2.0 Twin Entry TurboFaisal Sultan says...Its the Ferrari for the people! You have the RWD mid ship sports car with the awesome power of the 3SGTE engine pushing 245bhp as standard! The traction and handing of the later models really give the driver so much pleasure as its an enthusiasts car. The car is a stunner as well! And all 'proper' sports cars have pop-up lights! Its a true classic.... Just a shame Toyota never released it over here in the UK as we have to import these to have the pleasure of owning them.Men and Motors
19922.0 Turbosaliya gunaratne says...Its a baby ferrari and a pocket rocket in one.Men and Motors
19951.6maria alcu says...I think it is a real classy ladies car. I have bought 2 in the last 5 years.Men and Motors


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