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Fan Tributes to the TVR Tuscan.
20043.6Gary Shacklock says...Wild looks and wilder performance - total grin factor when the loud pedal is floored.Men and Motors
20004.0 Red Rose Stamp says...Unlike the Cerbera which Creates its own weather(Jeremy Clarkson), the Tuscan can view the weather its creating with a removeable Targa top.Men and Motors
2002speed six blackham says...Uber cool, man's carMen and Motors
2001- Stamp says...This has to be the best value high performance supercar available. The looks, performance and sheer excitement are in another league.Men and Motors
2003R 4 Alexander says...The ultimate sex on wheels. If you can't get laid driving one of these babies, then you may as well cut off your balls and wear them as earrings 'cos life in drag would be your final option.Men and Motors
20034 LitreLee Forester says...The sexiest yet most aggresive modern shape ever to make it into production.Men and Motors
2003Version RWayne McGearey says...The last of the Tuscan line up maintaining jaw dropping looks and putting even more power in the already overburdened chassis. Not for the fainthearted its a beauty. The pant wetting capability has been pushed up another notch and to add to the thrill still no inclusion of ABS or Airbags only to be driven by Kamikazee pilots. And above all they're british!!!Men and Motors
2002BlackSameer Thanki says...Super fast and a lot less than its rivals. Also looked great in the movie Swordfish!Men and Motors
2000speed 6Allan Tomlinson says...Supeprb looks, gorgeous sound, enormous power a real drivers car, and it was built in Blackpool.Men and Motors
20034Simon Cotton says...Style, shape, performance, cost, interior, british, sound, need I go on!!Men and Motors
20004.0 litreDaniel Jaunbocus says...Outrageous exterior, Interior is a work of art The sound! The performance, nothing comes close at this price (car another TVR), Perfect British GT.Men and Motors
20044 litre Tuscan SStephen Phillips says...One of the best looking and sounding British cars on the road today. The other reason is that it goes from 0 - 60 in just 3.8 seconds.Men and Motors
20014.0 LItreBrian Freegard says...Looks the dogs BOLLOCKS, Sleek, just looks great.Men and Motors
2003-Robert Clare says...Looks drop dead gorgeous & sounds even better.Men and Motors
20003.6 litreLuke Orchard says...I love this car.Its shape is beautiful and makes it look so cool. A real chick magnet i would say. Plus it is the fastest car made by TVR. It has been my lifetime dream to own one of these. So i am joining up in the RAF as an officer hopefully to fulfill my greatest desire and own one.Men and Motors


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