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Fan Tributes to the Porsche 911.
1993993 model 3.6Alan McCarthy says...You know that this car doesn't need a reason! :).Men and Motors
1999-John Botwood says...What a car!Men and Motors
1984Turbo Hunt says...Very simply one of the best looking cars in the world...ever, frighteningly and exitingly unpredictable and fast.Men and Motors
2004GT4Keith Grafton says...Understated beauty.Men and Motors
1989964 Wilson says...Torque, torque, torque. Reliability, style, performance, handling. Did I say torque?Men and Motors
1999turbo thomas says...timeless, affordable and best build.Men and Motors
86carerra dorsam says...timeless beauty, still quick today, turns more heads than any car i know.Men and Motors
03.2 Gardener says...Timeless beauty, driver involvement, performance and driving pleasure.Men and Motors
1960- Steele says...This car has rarely changed design and spec since first introduction.It has won Le Mans and remains, even today as desirable, a statement of prosperity.Men and Motors
1978Turbo 3.00 litreMr. Owen says...There's still nothing like it for pure unadulterated adrenelin surge!! Also the ultimate white knuckle ride! The current breed are sanforised in comparison!Men and Motors
1993CarreraAlex schwantes says...There is no comparison to the style and feel of a 911 carrera!.Men and Motors
1990targaNicola Verdin says...The ultimate womans car.Men and Motors
1990CarreraStephen Smith says...The ultimate practical sports car.Men and Motors
1978scMr. Webber says...The ride is low and very fast, then when you take a corner the car pulls you in vicously, even at low (er) speeds. It's not the easiest car to drive, but it is a true sports car .Men and Motors
1973Carrera 2.7RSMichael Chadwick says...The Porsche 911 is the world's most succesful sports car, on road and track. But, the most significant, and historically important variant was the iconic 1973 2.7RS. It pioneered numerous road and race car developments and, to this day, it is one of the most rewarding cars to drive - fast, tactile and great fun. And the proof? Good ones today cost over 100,000 and there are huge numbers of replicas - surely the sincerest form of flattery.Men and Motors
1993C4SMr. Crepin says...The only 40yrs old shape that will never be out of shape. The only usable supercar.Men and Motors
20043.8 TurboMr. Murray says...The only 'ultimate driving experience', I suppose?Men and Motors
1976-Mr. Burnett says...The most eye-catching car ever built. Galvanised body that never rusts, an engine that would never let you down and, at the time, everybodys dream car.Men and Motors
0turboAku Jouhki says...The most beautiful car ever made.Men and Motors
1986-Mr. Walsh says...The looks, the sound -the driving experience raises the hairs on the back of your neck! Scary!Men and Motors
1999TURBOMr. WILLIGENBURG says...The looks, the sound, the business.Men and Motors
1999Carrera Turbo 4WD 3.4 Petrol 420BhpCraig Barton says...The lines of the Porsche are something special. The handling is spectacular and it performs consistantly well against a wide range of other powerful cars whilst maintaining comfort and luxury.Men and Motors
1989964 Carrera 2Rob Mugglestone says...The last of the proper air cooled 911s with the orginal-style body including the traditional upright headlamps. Actually a more aerodynamic car than the 993 series which succeeded the 964.Men and Motors
1996CarreraDave James Phillips says...The car from bad-boys is the model I mean. From a design point of view it is the most perfect fusion of the classic Porsche lines and organic mid-90s bodystyling. The sound is distinctively Porsche yet somehow even more raucous. I have never been lucky enough to drive one, but I can dream..Men and Motors
1989964 CarreraKevin Asbridge says...The best blend of the old and the new, a modern 911 with all the visual charm of the older models + 250BHP!Men and Motors
1990carreratony c says...The 911 has the most successful record on the race track.Men and Motors
1990-Rita Keylock says...Stylish and cute.Men and Motors
1989-Colin Lawrence says...Style design and sheer speed.Men and Motors
1996turbomark williams says...Stunning looks and handles like a 6ft blonde should (firm) also what every man and boy dreams of owning.Men and Motors
2003GT2simon jeavons says...Still improving on the original yet still modern design - with 2004 technology. The ultimate in driving pleasure.Men and Motors
19903.6 Carerra 4 CoupeGraham Linney says...Speed, handling, and looks, more importantly the sound - hmmm...huge flat 6...Men and Motors
1991964 Carrera 2Raymond Turner says...Smooth, fast, rewarding, and surprisingly practical.Men and Motors
1985-Liz Craft says...Sleek fast.Men and Motors
2003Turbo SChris Cregan says...Sleak styling sounds amazing not a ferrari.Men and Motors
20003.6 TurboChris Muckersie says...Since childhood i have always admired the Porsche 911 car, especially for its styling and performance. Albeit a car way out of my price range.....Men and Motors
2003-Lindsay McKenzie says...Sheer beauty, classic lines, racy & luxurious.Men and Motors
2002TurboDavid Dennington says...Sheer Class.Men and Motors
2004GT3 3.6 flat sixJosh Townsend says...She looks beautiful in any colour, has a 3.6litre flat six engine that produces 381 bhp at 7,400 rpm and is made of ultra-light-weight titanium so it handles like a dream unlike a corvette which is like steering toast.Men and Motors
19923.6Shaun Leahy says...Shape, history, fabulous design by engineeers. Whilst models appear similar over any years, this stood out for me.Men and Motors
1995GT TurboWill G thorne says...Sexy, road sucking, slick and my DREAM for the last 25 years of my life! definatley worth 95,000. one day!!!!Men and Motors
1980-KEVIN BROCKLEBANK says...Sexy looking, compact, fast, serves its purpose.Men and Motors
1965-Paul Springer says...Reliable, fast, comfortable, and most fun you can have dressed.Men and Motors
1970CARRERAANDREW MALONE says...Pure classic retro...Men and Motors
2004gt3 rsBrian Grealish says...Price, Performance, Naturally Aspired, Looks, Sound.Men and Motors
1996carrera 4ssimon beaumont says...Porsche, a classy looking car,that has managed to keep a style of its own for years, and hopefully for years to come.Men and Motors
1998 C4sron smith says...Pleasure of drive performance and shear ear to ear smile factor that never fails every time you turn the key.Men and Motors
1997-Kevin Laker says...Perfect in every way.Men and Motors
2004s4richard collins says...Perfect evolution of a perfect car, and four wheel drive makes it 'safe'!Men and Motors
1989Carrera Sport 3.2Steven Dowds says...Over 5000rpm, the sound starts to turn from a pleasant howl to a hard- edged, almost operatic scream, before reaching a stirring crescendo that echoes along the road side, its lilt flattering the execution of every gear shift.Men and Motors
2005Carerra SWilliam McQueen says...One would think this is obvious.Men and Motors
2003TURBOROB BELLGARD says...Not only is it beautiful to look at, like the film it's fast and furious!Men and Motors
2003GT3Deniz Sinangin says...My fiance and I own one and it's amazing - absolutely perfect!Men and Motors
1982targa topadam crane says...My boyhood dream car!Men and Motors
1998Turbo S Coupe 3.6Henry Cohen says...Monstrous performance, superb handling and beautifully put together. Fuel economy and emissions impressive for a supercar. With it's huge rear wing, widened wheel arches and big tyres, the Turbo looks awesome and uber-macho. A real man's car!Men and Motors
1993993 Carrera 2Giles Massingham says...Looks, Class, Acceleration, Class, Speed, Class, Handling, Class, Exhaust Note, Class, Phenomenal engineering, Class, Reliability, Class, Practicality, Class, Pedigree, Class, Realistic running costs, Class, Understated Excellence, Class, Competition history etc, etc, etc. Also the only car ever to look right in pastel yellow. It's just Class on four wheels.Men and Motors
1989coupeAndrew Mantle says...Like children, until you've had one you wont understand!Men and Motors
1998993Chris Spearing says...Last of the true air cooled 911's. The best looking of the 911 evolution. With all the nice curves.Men and Motors
2000turbo2rob jones says...Last of the air cooled turbos awesome performance.Men and Motors
1990Carrera 4 TargaJason Cartwright says...Just the best looking car around - sufficiently affordable to an extent, and as a result rare enough to feel very special if you ever get to drive one.Men and Motors
1987TurboMatt and Baz Barber says...Its the mutts nuts baby. Shagadellic.Men and Motors
0turbostuart thirlwell says...Its the best looking best engineered all round sports car in the world. Unlike others it can be used every day like a normal car and not brake down.Men and Motors
1963-Kurt Anderssen says...Its the benchmark by which all others are judged. Its reliable, eminently useable, including everyday use, its gotta be good, its been around 41 years !!!Men and Motors
2002turboNathan Broadbent says...Its sleek, smooth and bloody fast! As well as a great exterior look, the interior is brilliant. A great piece of German Manufacturing!Men and Motors
0-craig mckenna says...Its just a classy looking car which says ur minted.Men and Motors
19983.6 bi turbo GT2 (Type 993)Michael Carr says...It's not for the faint-hearted or those who want to blend into the background - An awesome 450 BHP to the rear wheels only! 0-60 in 3.7 secs, explosive acceleration and incredible handling makes for a heady mix of undiluted race car performance and petrol-head nirvana. This is as good as it gets for a road car!Men and Motors
2004997 model 3.8L Boxer EngineAlan Springett Springett says...It took me years to get there to be able to afford one. I now have a 996 and a 997 on order after a test drive. I love every second I spend in my 996.Men and Motors
19732.7RSBen Murr says...It is the definitive 911 model out of the entire range, showing the worrld what Porsche was capable of. Now 30 years on, it is still the one any self-respecting Porsche enthusiast wants. The model is lightweight, lithe and tactfully wonderful to drive.Men and Motors
2004S4 TurboRichard Bartley says...It is fully loaded and ready to explode at anytime.Men and Motors
19903.6L 964Howard Barker says...Incredible classic shape combined with modern tech. Incredible looks and sound!Men and Motors
19883.2 CarrereaDavid Roberts says...I've owned one for the last 8 years and it is a fantastic car. I love the styling and driving experience plus the reliability and low running costs compared to other sports cars.Men and Motors
1978Sports CoupePaul Dilks says...I personally love the curvy design of the car's body design, combined with the sound engineering of the car.Men and Motors


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