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Fan Tributes to the McLaren F1.
1993- Turnbull says...Ultimate Supercar, no expense spared.Men and Motors
1996-Mr. Crisp says...Ultimate Street Production car. With ultimate engine, ultimate suspension, ultimate styling, utimate performance! Ultimate everything! Plus custom fitting to each individual owner!Men and Motors
1991-Mr. Shaikh says...This is the pinnacle of motor engineering. Even today this car holds it own. While being an outright performance car it is still designed to be a daily driver and on the race track blistering quick without any tuning bar from fluid checks. Plus its Mclaren, its british.Men and Motors
1995-darran robert creber says...This car was at one stage the fastest road production vehicle in the world with a top end of 240 mph and did 0-60 in 3.6 sec.Men and Motors
2002-Derek Drake says...This car is beautiful with the two passenger seats either side of you. great for two cock hungry lovelys.Men and Motors
1995V12 6.1 627bhp Haden says...This car didn't just end up being the fastest production car built at the time of production, it smashed the old record by quite a margin (240mph). It also looks amazing! not a vehicle built with just speed in mind (not comfort or looks) It was also built to be fairly practicle on the road too if you can forget the price tag and the mpg....And maybe it's not got that much luggage space for shopping but I wouldn't mind going to the shops in it. This car also got the top 4 spots in the 24 hour Le-Mans which just speaks volumes about the car.Men and Motors
1998- Pearce says...The ultimate road going car, exclusivity, class, power, everything you need!Men and Motors
1993-brian eaton says...The ultimate road / race car still the target for all manufactures to aim for.Men and Motors
1994-Andrew Brooking says...The ultimate - the like will never be seen again !.Men and Motors
19976.1 petrelWilliam Brown says...The mclaren F1 is the car i would most like to have because it is smooth sleek and has a unique.Men and Motors
19976.1 petrelWilliam Brown says...The mclaren F1 is the car i would most like to have because it is smooth sleek and has a unique.Men and Motors
1999-Adrian Badrick says...The graetest car ever made.Men and Motors
19936064ccIan Wright says...Tastiest. Fastest. Best looking. Achieved what it was designed to do without disappointment. Alas, I cannot afford 6.35 let alone 635,000.Men and Motors
2000-lee davies says...Super supercar.Men and Motors
1995LM 6.0 petrolChris Bayes says...Such a beautiful and amazing car.Men and Motors
1995-Dan Potter says...Still the fastest production car in the world!Men and Motors
1992-Roger Walter says...Simply the ultimate car: with no compromises on design or production due to cost, features like the gold-lined engine bay and on-board modem (so that the factory can diagnose your problem remotely) are the stuff of legend! Even the toolkit's titanium, to save weight. Brilliant!Men and Motors
1998-Dave Darlington says...Simply the best looking and at the time fastest car on the planet.Men and Motors
1994-Iain Kernaghan says...One of most sucessful teams in Formula one produces the ultimate sportscar, no compromises anywhere, the driver centrally positoned, harder to get to, but better for balance and visibilty. Perfect weight distribution, the first engine to develop over 100 bhp per litre, the exhaust note! that lovely bark that goes on and on and on, the gold engine bay lining, not for bling, but because it's the best heat reflector. The design is excellent, it looks great but more importantly, it has a great aerodynamic shape. So good in fact that it's silhouette has been copied more than once (Saleen S7 for starters) Designed purely as a road car, with excellent luggage space - large areas behind the passenger seats with space equalling that of a fiesta, but in a more practical shape. It had to happen and Ray Belm persuaded Ron Dennis and Peter Stevens to let him take it racing, with a splitter and wing added, it moved the goalposts in sportscar racing, dominating Le Mans and the global GT series. A bit of work at the factory, and the long tail version appeared, now with vastly improved aerodynamics and stability, and, surprise surprise more silverware. The road versions continued, with special editions with the long tail bodywork added to the line. Orders were never thin on the ground. The F1 is the only car to have it's own showroom in central London, indeed, it's a tourist attraction, how many other cars can that be said about? Few manufacturers have the history and Pedigree of McLaren, and those that do produce many more cars per year, even of limited runs. The McLaren has exclusivity, apart from the service bay at Woking, the chances of seeing another one are incredibly slim, in fact, the chance of the average person seeing one are incredibly slim! The ultimate sportscar, the fantastic no-compromise approach, the gargantuan price tag, and the fact that McLaren made a loss on every one produced, surely make the F1 the best car in the world ever. Oh, and of course, the small matter of a few of it's records, the fastest car in the UK (Tiff Needell at Milbrook IIRC), and that minor run down a specially closed Autobahn at 241 mph!Men and Motors
1996LWBMark James says...Never has such a high level of engineering been made available to the public, with performance superlatives, still ahead of its field, 8 years later.Men and Motors
1999-Mark Evans says...Just the ultimate drivers car.Men and Motors
1995-paul collings says...Its the ultimate in supercars, too many original and initiatives to list.Men and Motors


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