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Fan Tributes to the Mazda MX-5.
19971.8iJohn Navratil says...The perfect (and original) affordable sports car. Impossible to drive without smiling.Men and Motors
981.8 LEATHER SPORTPHILIP BENSON says...The Japs have shown us just how to build a small fast rag top that works and is reliable.Men and Motors
19891.6alan thorpe says...The cars future classic and is the best selling sports car ever made.Men and Motors
1990anyDarren James Dobson says...The car which brought back open top motoring to britain with crisp handling and great looks, a true classic.Men and Motors
01.8c m says...The best...Men and Motors
19921.6Julian Knight says...The best fun you can have for the money.Men and Motors
19901.6i 16VSteve Madden says...Superb styling and handling with a good price to match!Men and Motors
19981.8iSNick White says...So much fun.Men and Motors
19921.6darren kukainis says...So much fun to drive and very reliable. Also looks fantastic, blending traditional and modern sportscar looks together.And how can you not love the popups!Men and Motors
19952.0l petrolkaizaad kapadia says...Small sporty and worth its money and what you pay is what you get for example nice trim equipment and exterior.Men and Motors
1991-Pete Adkins says...Simply the most reliable, fun sports car in the world !Men and Motors
01.8m c says...Simply the best roadster to drive...Men and Motors
1989AnyStewart Tranter says...Simmply the best handling car in it's price range and class. It revived the Roadster market and gave Mazda a distinctive flagship car. They're super reliable, always appearing in the top ten of reliability surveys. They can be modified to be Ferrari beaters too!Men and Motors
1992mk1 1.6irog fox says...Reliable stylish handling superb.Men and Motors
20031.8Peter Franklin says...Reliability and Fun.Men and Motors
19891.8 roadsterPeter Trembath says...Re-invented the small convertible sportscar, fabulous handling, beautiful looks, affordable.Men and Motors
19911.6ltrAJ Butler says...One of the best handling RWD cars on the planet. Even your own JC says so! Nuff said. Guess what I drive? Thank you!Men and Motors
1989-Michael Smith says...One of the best handling & most fun cars around, a pure pleasure to drive.Men and Motors
19991.6Gary Smith says...Most fun you can have at 70mph.Men and Motors
19901.6Jim McAlley says...Looks and handling performance. Budget roadster shows you don't need to spend $$$$$$$.Men and Motors
19951.8rs ltdDave Drew says...Just everything a small sportscar should be, quick, sure handling, and above all, FUN!Men and Motors
20001.8Leonard Hook says...Just a brilliant well balanced sports car with good performance and handling.Men and Motors
19951.8iKaren Selwyn says...Its fast and fun. Pop up headlights are retro cool! With the roof down you could be driving in the South of France - a real fantasy car!Men and Motors
0-Andy Culley says...Its cheap, its totally reliable, and FANTASTIC fun to drive. 'nuff said.Men and Motors
0-RUSSELL WATSON says...Its a great RWD package with bags of fun. Affordable too!Men and Motors
19891.6/1.8Christopher Hood says...Its a classic soft top which will be around forever. handling is superb,a real head turner, amount of support from websites and owners clubs.Men and Motors
1998-John Barrett says...It's the best handling, most fun car ever.Men and Motors
1997-Lesley Mark says...It's so gorgeous, has such clean lines, is great fun to drive, and is affordable. The pop-up headlights are fantastic!Men and Motors
1997Berkeley 1.8Tracy Wilson says...It's nippy, looks good, very reasonable price for a sports car and fun to drive, especially when hot with roof down.Men and Motors
1989(early version - flipingSam Booker says...It's gorgeous! fast and the ultimate machine...and still leads the market in convertible sports cars!!......and it's the ultimate womens car!Men and Motors
1991-Max Williams says...It's brilliant design concept that has lasted for many years, the cars of amazing fun to drive and SO reliable.Men and Motors
1990-Phil Bell says...It relaunced the small open top car. No MX5, no MGF, no S2000 etc.Men and Motors
19981.8iSarah Bird says...It is the most reliable car I have ever driven! Although, not the fastest sports car around, it looks incredibly cute & handles superbly! The MX-5 is a real enthusiasts car - I have never owned a car that has had an Owners Club, national events & track days before! Tons of aftermarket suppliers, so these cars are very customisable.Men and Motors
1992Mk1Peter Lee Clark says...It is such a fun car to drive, especially in the summer with the roof down. The feel of the wind in your hair and the G as you drive through country lanes is great.Men and Motors
19911.6Jamie McAlley says...Incredible handling, Great looks, Roadster revival, & with Jap reliability.Men and Motors
19921.6 S SpecialKen Stanbury says...Iconic sports car - a modern classic. Best selling sports car ever.Men and Motors
19911.6 PetrolPhilip Mitchell says...I think this car re-vitalised the sports car market as it is a reliable, relatively cheap, good handling Roadster.Men and Motors
19991.8iSDee Evans says...I have one and it is the ride of a life time!Men and Motors


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