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Fan Tributes to the Lexus IS200.
2002SE 2.0 nicolaou says...Very nice luxury car, comes equipped with more extras than any other car in same category, excellent stock sound system. Looks better than a 3series and hell of a lot more exclusive than a 3series and it turns heads and is noticed by a lot of ppl plus the ladies love it.Men and Motors
1999SE 2000 PetrolAndy Hards says...Styling, performance, reliability, equipment.Men and Motors
20012Mark Bean says...Smooth ride, bad boy looks, quality engine and beautiful noise.Men and Motors
20022.0 Straight 6 PetrolGeoff Butcher says...Reliable, stylish and a pleasure to drive.Men and Motors
1999-Chris Shipley says...Reliabilty and value for money.Men and Motors
2000-Christopher Lack says...Reliability, handling, smooth engine, looks, security, safety.Men and Motors
2000SE AutoPaul Tulley says...Quality, reliability, comfort, looks...Men and Motors
19982000 sportalan hodgson says...Pure quality style and to many standard features to list.Men and Motors
2002SEJane Newsome says...Its got great looks, drives like a dream, affordable & appeals to all ages, easy to modify e.g. supercharge/bodykit/induction etc, comes with all the extras without the cost unlike merc or BM.Men and Motors
2000SportJohn Wosket says...Its a great looking car with a fantastic spec as standard and with unbelievable reliability.Men and Motors
1998-Aidan Padden says...It looks the dogs danglies - she's a little bit slow but that's easily sorted with the TTE Compressor kit and a few other bits and pieces! Surprises a lot of people! Lexus took the best of the 3 Series and other cars and came out with something greater than the sum of it's parts! Great Japanese engineering!Men and Motors
200020 petrolphilip starkey says...It is a brilliant drive and reliable too.Men and Motors
2000-Chris Lowes says...Ideal all-round well built reliable good looking affordable good to drive car.Men and Motors
19992.0 I6Andreas Staudte says...I drove so many different cars. This is the first time I get a very unique looking, price reasonable car, that never let me down. I love it. Andi.Men and Motors
1999SStuart Smith says...I bought my car a little over a year now, and have to say i think it is the best car i have ever driven! The handling in it is superb as standard, the engine just keeps on pulling hard until you hit the rev limiter, it's comfortable on long drives, and it drives how you want it to, i.e. it will drive hard, or it will cruise along at a dosile rate! ,,It's a nice car to look at as standard, but with a few subtle modifications to it, mostly avaliable from Lexus, it can look amazing! Fuel economy could be better, but it's worth it for the fun that this car is! Overall marks out of 10: 9.8.Men and Motors


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