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Fan Tributes to the Land Rover Range Rover.
19972.5 DT 2497 Diesel Pancutt says...What a fantastic car, drives well, no fatigue, a complete experince to drive, we love it.Men and Motors
1973-Mr. Wright says...Versatile, powerful, practical, fantastic allrounder!Men and Motors
19923.9 SE V8 petrolDerek Wales says...Thirsty but nothing comes close to its abilities on and off road.Men and Motors
2004Vogue 4.4 V8Rob Neudecker says...The ultimate vehicle in every possible sense. Stands out from the crowd and is in a class of its own. Just fantastic.Men and Motors
1987V8 EFIMr. Head says...The ultimate on & off-roader, style, comfort but above all it's was British.Men and Motors
1995p38 derv/petrolmr. farr says...The RR of 4x4 vehicles. goes any where and looks good also has a chassis which is something the later model is missing.Men and Motors
1971-Steve Dane says...The orginal sire from which all other luxury 4 x 4 vehicles are descended (regardless of manufacturer). No other vehicle so completely rewrote the rule book.Men and Motors
2003vogue 4.6mark coulson says...The look of this beast says I MEAN BUSINESS the car inside says a total opposite to me it says come, relax,let me take you somewhere in comfort the 4.6 engine purrs away as it glides effortlessly away either up the side of a mountain or as you cruise elegantly down the motorway this has to be the all time best that has come out of the range rover factory.Men and Motors
1982V8 PetrolRuairidh Mackay says...The engine roar! the power when on and off-roading! the comfort when on and off-roading!Men and Motors
1970range rover 3.9secharlie badams says...The best seating position i have ever known so comfy and comanding you feel the king of the road and with the V8 roaring away under the bonnet i suppose you are. Oh and it's a bloody great looking car and very useful for taking the missus to the local car boot a very versatile car.Men and Motors
1970Classic 3.9 V8Pete Turier says...Still iconic after all those years, never mistaken for anything else, the height of british innovation, others have followed but never caught up.Men and Motors
20044.6Jonathan Barden says...Simply superb prestige vehicle. nothing comes close.Men and Motors
1996V8 EfiAndrew Sheard says...Just sit in start the Engine and listen.....:0).Men and Motors
20044.4 vogueJon Williams says...It's the ultimate statement of luxury, technology and design combined with unbeatable off road ability.Men and Motors
2004V8 4.6Geoffrey Payne says...It's brought Range Rovers in to the 21st century and shows what Land Rover and do with the help of Ford.Men and Motors
0V8 PetrolDavid Dutton says...It is probably the most versatile car on the road, and extremely comfortable and not as expensive as you would think.Men and Motors
198490Gary Hills says...It can cart me the wafe 2 kids four dogs + the caravan to site and then leave them to it so i can take it for a day thrashing round a old quarry or some sutch & than get us all home again.Men and Motors


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