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Fan Tributes to the Lamborghini Countach.
1988LP500S Quattro Valvole V12 5 litre 30V Morton says...You just need the slightest glimpse of the extraordinary example of automotive craftsmanship to draw your attention and turn your head. The sleek exterior with its sharp lines, smooth flat panels and angled design that gives the aerodynamics all other designers wished they had thought of. I look at this machine, car neigh automobile and all I can do is gaze with wonder and excitement as to how this creation came about. Moving from the exterior to the interior you first of all have to open those absolutely awesome doors, the doors that take away the need for extra space just to get in and out. Inside the first thing that draws you attention is the full leather interior. Carpeting, luxurious. Bucket seats, comfortable and supportive. Gear stick, highly polished chrome. Dials and gauges, easy on the eyes yet good to look at. Although there is no radio I believe no one would want it as the sound of the 5 Litre V12 would be music on its own. This is not only a dream car, but is the Best Car in the World.Men and Motors
1979LP400 SAdam Pearman says...With a V12 engine and a Top Speed of 180mph it'll certainly get you to the ball on time. With it's stylish good looks and its fermidible fold up doors you'll look great in it no matter who you are. A smooth 60k will get you this dream of a machine.Men and Motors
19702richard rust says...wicked style coloure and desighn.Men and Motors
1985LP 5000 QuattrovalvoleIan Darlington says...This car is just the dog bollocks of all supercars. Gorgeous looks and Space Shuttle performance. This is also the car me and all my mates grew up lusting after. Its poster was stuck on my wall for about 5 years. I snogged my first girlfriend under its gaze and it was the car I was of course going to buy when I passed my driving test and had my first number one hit!Men and Motors
1982LP500SRichard Mayhew says...The fastest supercar in the world (for a bit anyway). It's successor, the Diablo looks dated today but the Countach is timeless.Men and Motors
1970LP500SIan McAlpine says...The epitomy of all that is a super car. This was the pin up on most boys bedrooms during the 70s and 80s.Men and Motors
1991-Debra Ross says...Styling and performance.Men and Motors
1977-Alan Jenkins says...Perfect looks & was untouchable for so many years.Men and Motors
1976-Benn Robinson says...Oh COME ON!!! Style Icon, That sound, Doors, Italian reliability (!)Men and Motors
1998SV 5200 QV by Franco SbarroRichard Paine says...Loved the car ever since cannonball run and this is probably the finest example.Men and Motors
1980-roy smith says...Its the most space age looking and exotic car ever.Men and Motors
19805000ssimon woodison says...Its my dream car and i think ifs sexy.and i would give anything to drive one. in moderation.Men and Motors
1985LP500 QuattroValvole V12Tim Straw says...It's the ultimate super sports car. And it's the horniest thing on four wheels ever. Everything about it say class and awsome power. It looks as good today as when Marcello Gandini designed it. Someone should make him a Saint.Men and Motors
1970-Dave Adams says...It was the fastest production car when I was a kid, and no-one ever saw one other than in Top trumps.Men and Motors
1975-Paul Platts says...It is the car of the future when you are a small boy.Men and Motors


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