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Fan Tributes to the Honda NSX.
1997NSX-TVinnie says...The NSX is the best of two worlds: very rare (like a Ferrari F355) and very well build (like a Toyota Corolla). Everything Honda knows of cars is used in the NSX and that is a lot I have noticed. My soul is deeply stirred. And that had Mr. Honda in mind by building this NSX.
19903.2 coupe rouse says...This car is the dogs when it comes to racing.Men and Motors
1991-Mr. Ferneyhough says...The ultimate 'real world' supercar - lightweight (1300kg), powerful (280PS) enough, proper mid-engine design for great balance and suberb handling. Created by Honda with much input from the (then) all conquering F1 team with handling developed in conjunction with Honda's amazing F1 world champion driver Ayrton Senna. Early cars are now conveniently available for mere mortals to afford too.Men and Motors
19903.0 or 3.2 petrolPhilip Morgan says...The car that proved that supercars can be used everyday without being temperamental. It forced Ferrari and the like to up their game.Men and Motors
1990-Mark Forrest says...Supercar with no vices. Amazing!Men and Motors
1996-steve ollerenshaw says...Supercar performance, everyday driveability, reasonable running costs,it starts everytime and the grin it puts on your face is huge!!!Men and Motors
20033.2nick coaten says...Probably the most enjoyable sports car ever .......Men and Motors
1996V6 3.0 VTEC petrolPaul Williams says...Power (thank you Honda); good handling (thank you Ayrton Senna); docile if required; looks amazing; maintains value very well; minimal cost for a supercar; very rare in the UK making you envied by all your mates, as well as by loads of otehr motorists.Men and Motors
19963.0 PetrolPeter Byrne says...Performance / Style/ Useability/ Cost - Ratios, Entertainment per buck is exceptional.Men and Motors
19923.0 manualchris salmon says...Most under-rated super car ever. Rare as rocking horse mess.Men and Motors
2000-Andrew Parr says...Most amazing looking motor with the most stunning engine combined with typical Japanese quality.Men and Motors
1992type-rChristopher Tsoi says...Its just the pinnacle of car design. A Lightweight package that was advanced for its time and still in production over 10years later. Still one of the best drivers cars available!Men and Motors


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