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Fan Tributes to the Ford Mustang.
1970Green Kirby says...You just need to watch the car chase in Bullitt to know why. The noise of American gas guzzling muscle, priceless.Men and Motors
1965GT350 4.7 petrolGuy Plater says...V8.Men and Motors
1971mach 1 hayes says...Used in the original Gone in 60 seconds, the best car chase ever, equal to bullitt! Also used a mustang.Men and Motors
1964ALLDAVID PROCTOR says...This is a dream car. One of the best looking American cars ever!Men and Motors
1967Shelby GT Davies says...There is no car on earth that looks or sounds cooler than this car. It oozes cool. Forget ferraris, lambos etc, this car is the BOMB.Men and Motors
70-Mr. Freeman says...The ultimate driving machine, power, sex appeal and that great car chase in the film Bullit, the whole car vibrating as it ticks over, the roar of power and the iconic stautus of the car from an era when concerns over fuel consumption did not exist.Men and Motors
1967shelby gt500Mr. farr says...The sound sight and smell of it get my emotions and senses looks so awesome and has real presence on the road,its v8 has 1 of the best engine notes there is (it burbles on idle, but open the throttle and it sounds like sum has let loose the dogs of war) and it also looks cool going sideways down the road :]Men and Motors
1967gt 500adam barrett says...The noise its pure awesome makes me excited.Men and Motors
1960mk1Tom Turner says...The engine, looks and american mussel made this car a classic today!!!Men and Motors
1964289ciphilip roberts says...The best pony car ever made.Men and Motors
1969-George Sumpner says...The Best Car Ever, Speed, Sounds, Looks, Just Amazing.Men and Motors
1967ConvertableSteven Wilkinson says...Such a classic icon of it's time that will turn as many heads now as when it first came out.Men and Motors
19693 litre at leastAndrew Bunce says...Stylish, ultimate car icon of its era.Men and Motors
1966hard top v8 petrolgez vernon says...Styling, sound, awesome car throughout.Men and Motors
1968390ci GTJonathon Clark says...Stunning good looks and performance.Men and Motors
1966the one from bulletmark munroe says...Steve mcqueen, bullet... nuf said.Men and Motors
1968shelby GT500Ben Rood says...So so so so so so gorgeous and sounds so so so so so good. The best looking thing next to a women.Men and Motors
1967-Chris Gipp says...Simply a classic!Men and Motors
1964RedMatthew Collaery says...Not as poky as European sportscars and not as unreliable as British ones.Men and Motors
1967-Jonathan Barnes says...Pure American Grunt!!Men and Motors
1969convertibleGraham Daisley says...One of the best looking and classic cars of all time, who's looks still hold true today.Men and Motors
1966GTBrian Thurogood says...Mean and moody, powerful and loud, it captures some of the best features for a petrol head - and appears in some great films!Men and Motors
1967GT 350Robert Wiliiam Vince says...Looks to die for, noise to pine for.Men and Motors
1967-Tom Hichisson says...Just look at it!......and the performance for it's day.Men and Motors
1970Boss 302Mike says...It's the greatest muscle car ever, sleek lines, good response, fast, powerful throaty sounding engine, its perfect.Men and Motors
1969FastbackMohammed Khan says...It's just the ultimate car for looking good in, simple yet classy, needs to be the right colour though (otherwise it looks rubbish).Men and Motors
1960shelby GT 4.0L +-ntwanano bandi says...It's another one of the cars that shaked the time it as introduced in. it's still pronounced as a classic.Men and Motors
1965-Matt Hughes says...It sounds and looks absolutely class!!!!Men and Motors
1964GT500Gary Calderwood says...It makes the hairs on my arms stick up!Men and Motors


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