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Fan Tributes to the Ford Escort.
19731300ccChamira Ranatunga says...It was a blue beauty.My girl Sonali and I use to cruise in it..Fight in it.. shout in it.. get back together and hug in it..Those were the best things in my life..(Wink wink...).
1968100ccChamira Ranatunga says...Its the best car for the money you pay. Picks up like crazy and when it moves everyone stops to see how such a old car goes so fast.Typical example of why OLD IS GOLD.
1978mark 2royo hambleton says...My first car, loved it and want it back.
1960mk2marcus mullens says...You ever seen one rally......... thats why!.Men and Motors
19802.0 LTR GHIA Stowell says...You can have so much fun with a rear wheel drive, retro fun.Men and Motors
1996cosworth Robertson says...Why? cosworth is the god that justified ford for being superior. Without cosworth the ford name would be known for the xr3 and xr2 real posers but the cossie could eat and s*** any day without even breaking a sweat. Keep yer ferrari, porsche got bless the British Cossie!!!!Men and Motors
1968ALL MODELS (RS 1600 especially) Warner says...WHY ? A sixties car that was Cool, Fast, Very Tweekable, Easy to work on, MK 1 Escort bits were available from almost every street corner, everyone was making super bits to customise them, Great fun to drive, A Rally Status Symbol. Nuf Said......Men and Motors
1992CosworthTim Surman says...Where would your scoobies and evo's be without this car?Men and Motors
1968Mk 1 1600 Mexicowarren earl says...When I first pass my driving test in 1986 me & me mates had replica's mexico's. If I could afford one i would still have one of these instead of a modern car.Men and Motors
1999cosworth 20 litre turbodarren john higgs says...What more can you ask for a good car for the road and very affordable.Men and Motors
1978rs2000ian jones says...Top car to drive and rally in.Men and Motors
19721.3 GL Slater says...This was my first car. I had a job which I had to travel 70 miles a day for, and it was very reliable and economical to run. I had chrome wheels put on it, so in those days was considered quite cool, so it was a good pulling machine as well.Men and Motors
1972Mk 1 Mexico 1.6 Fuel InjectedMr. Finch says...This was my first car and was the ultimate, affordable boy racers delight. It had great handling, excellent performance and looked great when customized.Men and Motors
19721300martin ward says...This is an outright classic car & i have one.Men and Motors
1995Cosworthcian lad says...This car was a normal road car turned into an animal. The word Cosworth still remains a legend.Men and Motors
1969MK1 MEXICO 1.6 PETROLGEORGE GILLEY says...This car showed the world how a rally should be won, sideways!Men and Motors
94rs cosworthneale says...This car is a classic although to day it still as the street cred of more than many other cars today......Men and Motors
1970- Baruch says...They were the forst real, lets do anything we like to cars, eg any type of modification you could dream of, and the RS mark still exists in any boy or Girl racers mind today.Men and Motors
1976mk2 rs 2000 / mexico/steven ogle says...They were rear wheel drive and could be modded very easy exselled at rallying and I still own two mk2 rs mexicos today THE MK1/ MK2 ESCORT WAS THE BEST CAR EVER MADE .Men and Motors
0RSantony sirrell says...They were made for the real driver of the time rear wheel drive for thoughs wet weathers to prove your capabilites.Men and Motors
19901.6 RS TurboMr. McKechnie says...They were fast, handled reasonably well, were cheep to run and could have massive increases in power without huge expenses. They also looked great with a gorgeos blonde bird sitting in the passengers seat.Men and Motors
1979RS2000mike bolger says...They had one in the professionals.Men and Motors
1970mk1 MexicoJason Oliver says...The rear end action was predictable and a lot of fun. No car can match the feeling when you get it right.Men and Motors
1992RS CosworthMartin Crellin says...The original Scooby.Men and Motors
1980mk2 rs2000mr. king says...The old cars are easy to work, on easy to modify and new cars all look the same plus i own one.Men and Motors
19721.6 petrol Mk1 Mexicosoames divers says...The Mk1 Escort Mexico is just one of the most fun cars I have ever driver.Men and Motors
0MARK 1 1300GT - RS2000JOZEF SZLAGOWSKI says...The first car I had was an escort mark 1, had so much fun with its handling and rear wheel drive!Men and Motors
1974Mk1 RS2000David Mitchell says...The first affordable performance car which lots of modding could be done.Men and Motors
1985-Mr. Anderson says...The Escort's where very easy cars to adapt, with many additional parts, which could be added to make the sporty & very easy to work on there engines.Men and Motors
1980mexicomr. skiffington says...The escort is a car with a lot of motorsport history, i believe cars today have grown from the escort. Even today the escort is still a popular car all over the world.Men and Motors
1973rally specsteven ellis says...The body shape, the look of the car+i fondly remember being a passenger in a freind's as a teenager.Men and Motors
0RSantony sirrell says...The appreciation value today is by far better than some ponsey cars of today, they were built to drove.Men and Motors
19801600 sportpaul ainsworth says...Terrific car to rally, rear wheel drive. also has great character and handling.Men and Motors
1997-Atul Patel says...Such a nice drive.Men and Motors
1989mark 4 xr3ichristopher weilding says...Reliable, and very smart looking the xr3i had excellent handling and very fast 0-60 excellent car the most reliable car ever. should be number 1 in the top 100 in my view the greatest car ever to be built.Men and Motors
19971.8 dieselDavid Wilson says...Reliable and runs for ever.Men and Motors
1970RS 1600Adrian Tobin says...Rear Wheel Drive. Twin 40 carbs, no driver aids. Pure Drivers car.Men and Motors
1990RS TurboBilly Mcmillan says...Owned 1 for 5 years, Only 8 tyres and 1 exhaust were replaced in that time, a dream to drive.Men and Motors
1997CosworthSteven Loynes says...Overall style, looks and the awesome power.Men and Motors
1993cosworthjames greer says...Over 10 years old and its still more fun than a new mitsi EVO.Men and Motors
1980Mark 2 1600David Patterson says...My first car - Versatile Used in Rally etc EVERYTHING from woman to posing, Great character with personallity.Men and Motors
1968Mk 1Sue Norwood says...My first car and I still have it 25 years on.Men and Motors
1980rs2000phil white says...My boy racer car!!!!Men and Motors
1976RS200 Marl ii 2.0 litreJohn McFarlane says...Mark II was very original, stylish, fast and great fun to drive. Just watch The Professionals and see!Men and Motors
1985turboandy cook says...Lovely drive, good looking, girl puller.Men and Motors
1984MkII StandardJason Halliwell says...Just thought they looked great when growing up - always wanted one and never did.Men and Motors
1980rs2000mark simpson says...Ive always had a true feeling for these nostalgic motors.Men and Motors
1996cosworth 2.0lturbomark sanders says...Its unique design, superb engine an reliability make it fords greatest ever sports car. also it wont break the bank to buy one an they hold price very well too.Men and Motors
1979RS2000Neil McWilliam says...Its the best looking and best handling car as standard, Not like all these new cars that look like clones of each other.Men and Motors
19941.2 PetrolJon Maynard says...Its lasted so long, and it looks so good with skirts, alloys, and especially other options to like neons, whereas other cars just ... well don't.Men and Motors
0CosworthChris Oxley says...Its just a classic, you could park 6 new scoobys, evo's etc in a car park, a nice imperial blue escort cosworth would still draw more attention. Added to the fact it still calls for 9/10ths of the budget it did when it was new, not many fords do that.Men and Motors
19972.0 petrol turbo cosworthrobert harrison says...Its a great looking car with loadsa power. and is every boys dream to own.Men and Motors
1979RS1800Jason Simms says...It's the best drivers car and the ultimate rally car!!Men and Motors
1995GhiaDavid Paton says...It's just a touch of class and recognisable from a distance.Men and Motors
1995rs cosworthstephen hodges says...It's great to look at really cool very fast and without it there may not have been a subaru impreza sti or mitsubishi lancer.Men and Motors
1979RS2000Noel Elkin says...It was the car I always wanted when I was learning to drive. It was probably the best rally car ever.Men and Motors
19851400Elizabeth Sterricks says...It was the best car i ever had! run on fumes more times than i care to remember! heehee and never let me down once in all the time i had it, even in the worst winter weather.Men and Motors
1970mk1 mexicoantony sirrell says...It was made for the real driver who new how to handle an animal.Men and Motors
1978mk2 2ltr twincamJohn Saunby says...It is the best car ever made RWD 2ltr engine and is now tax exempt and classic insurance.Men and Motors
1995CosworthRobert Bull says...In the right hands there was nothing faster a to b.Men and Motors
1980RS2000Scott Hepburn says...If it was good enough for Martin Shaw in the professionals!! Ford took a mundane Escort and turned it into a complete addiction simply by changing it to a droopsnoot, 2 litre engine , alloys and letting it loose on the streets..just fantastic...and all these years later it is still as popular!!!Men and Motors
19892.0ltr tubo cosworthcarl jordan says...I worked on them for 5 years for a motosport team.Men and Motors
1984XR3iantony evans says...I was 17 years old and had just startrd to learn to drive. the looks. performance and most important. the sound from the exhaust was awesome. i realy lusted after one but unfortunatly could never afford one. i now drive a boring 3 series BMW which does'nt quite cut it like the old XR3i. i still look at them when i see a minter and wish it was mine. Truly a Dagenum Icon ( and i'm not from Essex!!).Men and Motors
1987-D Newman says...I scored for the first time in one.....Men and Motors
1997Mk5 WRCAdam Cawood says...I love this car because it revelutionized the World Rally Championship not just for Ford but the whole championship itself.Men and Motors
1972Mk1Paul Sharp says...I love the shape of them and always wanted one. They are an icon!Men and Motors


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