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Fan Tributes to the Fiat 500.
1960-Neil Gardiner says...Well thought out practical small car with a lot of character.Men and Motors
1960- Elmore says...Wahoo! Very Cool Little Car. Very stylish and kicks the a*se off the mini!.Men and Motors
60-Francesca Dimech says...They are so cute and compact.My father had one when I was a child and I loved it. Definately the cutest car around and great for parking too. These new Smart cars aren't a patch on the fiat 500. Back seats are essential in every car!Men and Motors
1957-Michael Adamik says...The most fun car to drive.Men and Motors
1963-denise says...The baby car that preceeds all others. Still a fab drive today. Always raises a smile =)Men and Motors
1973-Stephen Hunt says...Simple but beautiful.Men and Motors
1957-KEVIN BROCK says...Quite simply the best small car ever made.Men and Motors
1968499ccJill Lott says...Its the cutest car in the whole world ... and a great pulling tool!Men and Motors
1957500cc petrolTom Hodgkin says...It's got to be the cutest car on the planet.Men and Motors
1958499cc D suicide door modelGraham Box says...It puts you in touch with your own mortality, i.e it makes you feel alive and alot more aware of just how fragile life can be. Just look up as lorries pass you on motorways. Prey as you pull out on a particularly fast roundabout. You never see a 500 driver anywhere near the car in front, brakes gently slow rather than stop and you frankly feel safer in a motorcycle sidecar, however it turns discerning petrol heads, has a built in sense of fun and humourous lack of speed, barely sniffs petrol, never really goes wrong and its turning circle and manoverability aligned to its ability to get through the smallest gaps guaranttee 4 of you (take note original Smart car drivers) the ride of your life. Only the very brave drive it over an inspection pit though!!!! Talk about narrow!!!Men and Motors


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