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Fan Tributes to the Ferrari F40.
1990-Mr. Baker says...The ultimate boys toy. It is the all-powerful, expensive, maxed out version of the very affordable yet similar boy toy, the BMW E30 M3.Men and Motors
1987SUPER F40RICK COMER says...The big turbo model with 678 bhp instead of 478 bhp, 0-60 in 3 secs dead. 220mph top speed.Men and Motors
19873.0l twin turboSimon Cooke says...The best ever high performance and partical car ever built, and also looks good and drives GREAT aswell.Men and Motors
1991-Scott Alan Harding says...Surely the first true supercar of this era, totally inpractical but looks and performance to die for!!!!Men and Motors
1987-Jeff Wagner says...Supercar built when Enzo was still alive. No holds barred turbocharged race car.Men and Motors
1988-Dan Taylor says...Stunning car fantastic perfomance.Men and Motors
1990-mark croson says...Pure drivers car with no driving help from electronics.Men and Motors
1990twin turboRavi Virdi says...Power, looks, aggression....Men and Motors
19882936ccdavid thomas says...Its distinctive and prestige...and its a ferrari...what other reason is there?!!Men and Motors
1987-Michael Barker says...Its one of the most beautiful cars ever made.Men and Motors
1991-Steven Zuppa says...It has awsome power to weight ratio that makes it the fastest road car of the 1990's its a racing car in a street cars body.Men and Motors


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