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Fan Tributes to the Ferrari 360.
2002Challenge Stradale Devan says...This car, is an even bigger improvement of the 360 Modena and the 360 Spider, which are both excellent cars, this shows that the Challenge Stradale must be one of the best road cars around.Men and Motors
2001v8 spider swan says...This car is the closest you will come to driving a formula one car, the aluminuim chassis is derived off there formula one car and the aerodynamics help it with its incredible top speed. Ferrari spent a lot of PR on this car because with its paddle shift gearing system it made it possible to drive in traffic which other sports cars are not able to do. Besides the name ooses quality and professionalism, and best of all its got the best driver in the world representing them. Why drive a anything else. I bet you that in a 100 years time they will still be talking about this car... Its fantastic.Men and Motors
2000v8 modenachris gibbons says...The looks a so sleak and amazing you could get a date every day off the week.Men and Motors
2004ModenaJohn Ellis says...The classic ferrari sports car.Men and Motors
2004MODENA CHALLENGE STRADALEJASON REGAN says...The best looking car ever!Men and Motors
2003-rob hall says...Sounds awesome, look funny at first but it's a grower.Men and Motors
1999modenapaul frazer says...Sexy, exciting and above all else, its made by the greatest car maker ever.Men and Motors
2001ModenaKevin Otway says...Not only is it fast it sound fantastic looks so sleak and sexy.,,,,.Men and Motors
1998ModenaKeith Henderson says...Just so beautiful, the curves make this car 'sex on 4 wheels.Men and Motors
2003modenaroy bush says...Its a classic ferrari with the shape and performance of a supercar.Men and Motors
2004-Neil Gravett says...It looks the business and must be the most sophisticated Ferrari ever made.Men and Motors
2003Challenge StradaleGary Sweetman says...It has the best of everything and it sounds like nothing else on the road.Men and Motors


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