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Fan Tributes to the Chrysler PT cruiser.
19992.0 ltdMr. Shepherd says...Very retro, a cool car with a modern edge.Men and Motors
20002.2 dieselcarl bullivant says...Top car so cool.Men and Motors
20002.0 Petrol Curtis says...The style, the way the door clunks shut perfect. The way everyone looks & says i want one of those what other cars can you think of that portray the same thing, baring in mind that this car is in the price region of most people.Men and Motors
2002- CATTERALL says...The retro look, park on any car park and some one will come and start to ask about the car.Men and Motors
2002petrolMike Devereux says...The best looking car around - turns heads wherever you go!! Bags of space, packed full of features. A car you can lug around with all week, yet still be good enough to display at car shows at the weekend. A hot rod without the oil leaks!!Men and Motors
20032.0 TouringClive Jones says...Superb retro styling matched to modern technology creating a car with its own clearly defined individual character, a factor which is sadly lacking in many mass market bland vehicles.Men and Motors
20012 LTR PETROL MANUALGRANT GRAVENELL says...Still turns heads, very versatile, good specs.Men and Motors
20002ltrAndrew Simmons says...Spirit of motoring past!!!Men and Motors
20012.0 PetrolChris Wilson says...Simple - the car looks great!Men and Motors
2000-Linda Weldon says...Retro. Big, comfortable, powerful. Horny.Men and Motors
2003crd 2.2 diesel turboCarl Amison says...Retro styling.Men and Motors
20022.0 limited editionstuart horne says...Retro looks, fantastic styling and the fact that jeremy clarkson hates it, makes it just that little bit special!!!!Men and Motors
2000-chris glegg says...Retro looks.Men and Motors
2002CRDRichard Middleton says...Retro Cool looks, practical and diesel is efficient yet grunty.Men and Motors
2005-LEE BRISTOW says...Retro.Men and Motors
2001-Don Hagen says...Practical, high value, high fun factor.Men and Motors
20032.0ltdJacqui Shepherd says...People look at you like your driving a flash car but at a fraction of the cost.Men and Motors
2001Limited EditionMichelle Stanton says...Outta this world. Take PT Cruiser and add customisation and you have a stunning head turner. Nothing else like it.Men and Motors
20042.0 LIMITEDLEE BRISTOW says...Nothing else like it on the road.Men and Motors
2000-Andy Millington says...Not the usual euro jelly mould.Men and Motors
2001-Chris Butler says...Looks fab, and if the owner of one of these beauties was honest is the best fun since sex!Men and Motors
20022.0 limitedMike McGrath says...Its the best looking Car on the Road!Men and Motors
0-Ken Hatton says...It's unique, individual, retro, fantastic and designed for those of us who just love to be different. Easy to modify and real fun to drive. Cruisers forever!!!Men and Motors
2001-CHRIS ABRAMS says...It's different to anything else on the road. Its also easy to make look unique as well. It always grabs interest from people where ever you go.Men and Motors
20012.0 16 valve Limited EditiionKeith Leebrooke says...It's cool retro styling and underneath it's a modern, practical family car with a cool owners club as well.Men and Motors
20042.2 DieselWendy Barbe says...It's beautiful to look at, Fantastic to drive, Reliable, affordable, If I could, I'd buy five!Men and Motors
2001-Chris Butler says...It just looks so wonderful - and every owner of one I've ever met purrs with delight. Oh god I really would love one - please let me win the lottery!!!!!Men and Motors
2000-Paddy Baker says...It has to be the coolest looking car on the road. The retro looks are stunning and still turn heads when people see the car up close for the first time.Men and Motors


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