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Fan Tributes to the BMW Z3.
19992.8Mr. Jones says...The way it looks, the way it sounds, the way it moves... everything. It just makes you want to go out for a drive. It is forever being knocked by others, but everyone that has ever been in the passenger seat has said I was wrong about this car.Men and Motors
1997-Ian Sugden says...The sexiest German since Eva Braun?Men and Motors
1999Roadster All 6 cyl modelsDuncan Kidson says...Stylish, Fun, cheap to run. Fast (M versions).Men and Motors
19992.8simon willis says...Sounds good.Men and Motors
19971.9-3.5MRuss Stripp says...Sleek&Sexy loved by Males and Females alike just as much Beauty as Beast and definetely more Ken than Barbie. Turns heads no matter where you go and for performance the //M is an absolute delight. Performace, grace and style what more could you want ?Men and Motors
20002Graham Laing says...Sleek retro design that is becoming a cult classic. Great roadster fun!Men and Motors
19992.8Stu Bayliss says...Sexy, fun, reliable and cool!Men and Motors
2000-lee allen says...Quite simply it combines all the features and reliability of everyday motoring.Men and Motors
19992.8JONATHAN HENRY PALK says...Perfect blend of grace and style with that beautiful straight six roaring under the bonnet.Men and Motors
20003Alistair Atkinson says...Its a true classic roadster style, modernised with BMW quality. No Turbos just power, an impractical drivers car not a transporter.Men and Motors
20002.8Carol-Jo Crowley says...It's a smooth sexy car, thats affordable and handles like a dream.Men and Motors


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