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Fan Tributes to the BMW M3.
1986E30 2.3l dohc I-4 Ballias says...Winningest touring car ever, homogation special, does what it's supposed to brilliantly (wins races, DTM, BTCC,australian touring car...), benchmark automobile.Men and Motors
20013.2 SMGII (E46 ) McG says...Versatile drive as in auto (with drivers brain off) press pedal and fly. In shift position crazzee acceleration with launch assist brain on for this one fellas. New chassis styling with more dominant/agressive stance by far the best of the series so far. Previews of the next series chassis style do not look promising as been rounded and clipped to such a degree that it looks almost amorphous and loses its road presence and jaw dropping looks. V8 engine that is speculated for inclusion in the new series M3 could be the only redeeming factor!.Men and Motors
1998-steve williams says...ultimate cool @ styleMen and Motors
1989Sport Evolution 2.5ltr petrolMr. Morgan says...This was the last road going evoultion of the worlds most sucessful touring car in the world and still hold the record to date. And as a result it must be included on that basis alone, however it still has to this day one of the most sorted chassis ever and that from a car over 15 years old. Oh and the engine noise at full chat.Men and Motors
19892.3Matthew Brod says...They are the best driving car ever.Men and Motors
1986E30 2.3lBruce Leggett says...The winningest car on the track and the street.Men and Motors
19862.3 & 2.5 E30Mr. Brittain says...The ultimate track car made for the road and has been unsurpassed by it's total amount of victories, loyal followings and is still used today.Men and Motors
1988e30 2.3LDon Pilkington says...The ultimate driving machine!Men and Motors
1987- says...The ultimate driving machine.Men and Motors
1988E30 2.3LWilliam Yu says...The original M3. A race car in street form.Men and Motors
1987E30 says...The original E30 M3 gives one of the most driver connected to the road experiences that can be had in a car.Men and Motors
19862.3 or 2.5Mr. Walker says...The most succesful touring car EVER! Road car has race car dynamics on the road, and the sweetest sounding Naturally Aspirated 16V engine ever made!Men and Motors
1991E30 Evo IIMr. Sandher says...The last seminal M3 that was borne out of a need for racing. Still one of the best racer-for-the-road cars around in terms of feel, adjustability and sound. BMW have not come anywhere near as close to replicating it since.Men and Motors
19912.3 E30Mr. Hedrick says...The homogulation special, a true race car with stunning good looks and performance to match. Quick, precise steering and lighweight chassis. The S14 engine makes a beautiful song at full throttle.Men and Motors
0-Mr. Harrison says...The German, Its Fast, Its Looks Good and Its A BMW.Men and Motors
1990-Octavio Arreaza says...The E30 M3 is the best M3 of all. It was build with racing in mind. It's the most successful race car of all times since it's introduction in 1987.Men and Motors
19872.5l L4 Fuel injectedMatt says...The car is amazing! Handles great, and drives like a dream. Also, it's the most winningest touring car EVER.Men and Motors
1987E30 2.3 Petrol 4 cylinder 16 valve Motorsport engineLuke Edwards says...The best handling and most amazing car to drive. One of the best cars ever made!Men and Motors
1989EVO II E30Simon Mounfield says...The best driving experience ever, the bench mark for all M Tec cars.Men and Motors
19872.3Alex moore says...The best car bmw ever made pure street racing machine and best handling ever.Men and Motors
2001CoupeTolu Ajimoko says...The best 6 cylinder engine... ever.Men and Motors
0M3 3.2 E36kieran knight says...The affordable sport's car, can now be had for well under 10k. With nearly 300bhp, or 320 in evo spec.Men and Motors
2000-stefan prendergast says...Supercar saloon.Men and Motors
1987E30 2.3Hubert Duijzer says...Still the best and agressivest looking BMW. Nowadays a little underpowered, until the corners come... Great racing history also.Men and Motors
1987E30 2.3 - 2.5andrew H says...Still a fantastic and focused drivers car 13 years after it was made.Men and Motors
20033Jane Mansfield says...So bloody fast!!!!Men and Motors
1987E30 2.5Robbie Bradford says...Rear wheel drive king of the track, as well as the best designed car of all time bar none!Men and Motors
19872.3/2.5Barry Robinson says...Race car turned street car, the M3 was radical for it's day with the performance to match.Men and Motors
1986E30Andrew Holliday says...Purity of translation from design brief to thorough engineering execution.Men and Motors
20033.2iLiam Hall says...Pound for pond best car on the road.Men and Motors
1986-Brian Bowden says...Overall an awesome roadcar that going on 15-18 years later, proudly shows its racing heritage and still bests many modern machines on the track. Tops in Touring Car racing wins; Diehard fans the world over.Men and Motors
1988E30 2.3-2.5L S14 4cylBrett says...One of the greatest cars in British Touring History. One of the greatest handling cars ever made. I can never complain about my M3, it gives me an enjoyable driving experience everyday.Men and Motors
1986-James Sharp says...One of the best handling cars ever made!Men and Motors
2004CSL 3.2RICK BAKER says...Noise, handling, looks.Men and Motors
1988E-30Brian Thull says...Most wins in touring car history, one of the best handling cars ever made.Men and Motors
1987E30 2.3L 16v & 2.5L 16vDave Gamble says...Most successful Touring car in History. Absoutely fantastic car to drive. Awesome.Men and Motors
1987-Ted Anthony says...Most successful touring car ever, and damn sexy too.Men and Motors
1990E30 Sport EvolutionGeorge Nikas says...Most successful racing touring car in the history of European Motorsport (E30 M3, over 1400 international wins). Best BMW for the Real Driver, ever. In all honesty, this is definitely one of the 10 best cars of all time in terms of driving experience, character, ,soul, and performance.Men and Motors
0-Louise Reid says...Love the shape, plenty of room. Very classy car.Men and Motors
1987E30Alan Fryer says...Looks great all these years later and is still one of the best handling cars in it's class, OK, new cars have more power and are faster but this car is just such a nice package. A new breed of classic for sure.Men and Motors
1987e 30 2.5 Evo 111George Garner says...Light nimble --no computer interference- Except ABS)a real drivers car-- It communicates with the driver and does not drive itself like the current models from all marques.Men and Motors
2003M3 CoupeDan Hetherington says...Just simply the best combination of real supercar performance and day to day use. I have a smile on my face every time I drive it!Men and Motors
2004342bhp convertible in black with leather interiorBilly Lyon says...Just an orgasm on wheels. Not so flash as a ferrari and a real good kick behind the pedals! Admitedly you are forced to PTBBD (Put The Bloody Boot Down)which lets face it, if you are going to be caught anyway, at least may it be in style!!!Men and Motors
1990E30 Sport EvoBrian Green says...Its won more touring car races than anything ever made. Its also one of the few cars made without compromise for driver enjoyment.Men and Motors
19963.0/3.2ntwanano bandi says...It's a beemer, it's fast and those who've driven it still want to have another go.Men and Motors
1987-David Boen says...Incredible race history, cult car, fun to drive, fun to work on, fantastic track car, getting fewer and fewer every year.Men and Motors
19892.3LPhil Cataldi says...Incredible handling and the sweet sound of that DOHC 16V mechanical valve train.Men and Motors
1987E30 2.3 petrolDarren Munday says...I owned one for a number of years. A race car with a road going body over the top of it. Not the fastest thing in a straight line but the sound, the feel and the way it handles is amazing. A real race car for the road and based on the most successful touring car of all time!Men and Motors
2003-Irfan Chughtai says...I have owned BMW's for over 10years now and upgraded the models I have had including E30, E36 and now the E46.,They just get better and better.Men and Motors


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