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Fan Tributes to the Audi TT.
2004Roadster Wright says...very shiny, it's the b******s to drive and it's like s**t off a stick.Men and Motors
1998-Richard Brooks says...The shape: unique and beautiful.Men and Motors
1994-Andrew Davies-Hoare says...Style.Men and Motors
2000-Carrie Green says...Smooth lines.Men and Motors
2002-william rafferty says...Prettiest car ever made.Men and Motors
0-julie hoare says...Looks so sexy and sleek and sporty.Men and Motors
2000-Vanessa Heywood says...Its so smooth i know i will never be driving one so i can aspire.Men and Motors
19951.8 litre dieselAmanda Coffman says...Its sexy for both men and women. Its fast, it lives up to anybodys expectations.Men and Motors
0RoadsterJo Richardson says...Its a great sports car - not boy racer, just stylish makes you just want to get in and drive...a classic that never looks dated and should be a favourite for years to come.Men and Motors
20043.2Garret Cunningham says...It looks superb, sleek and sexy, and drives like a dream!Men and Motors
1999coupe 225BHPagnes hughes says...I've had two and am about to buy my third. They're the coolest car on the road!Men and Motors
2000-Kate Graham says...I like the look of this car and i think its a very unisex car, both sexes look good driving it. I have never had the chance to drive one so couldn't begin to be technical!!Men and Motors


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