chris says:  Its a fun shape and its fun to drive, my grandad had a saloon version and an estate version, i got one about 1998 it was an mot failer so i parked it up about 2002 i decided to get it running which all i did was pour a bit of petrol down the carb turned it over a couple of times and away we went i fixed the bits for the mot and 3 of us went from woking - butlin at bognor in with a few friends along with a 15' metro we built and a mk v cortina one of the others had just got (the metro seats 8 on seats but weve had 11 people in it before 4 of which averige 20 stone and it still drove as well as a standard 1300 metro, I once had 99 mph in it with a down hill and would probable gone more).
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