Peter says:  I owned a Jaguar Mk X in the sixties. This car was fitted with the full spec 3.8 'E'Type engine, 3 x 2 SU Carbs, producing 220bhp. Even with an auto box it could out accelerate many so-called performance cars. I can remember surprising a GT Cortina from the lights, at Stratford East London, and a Mustang on the M1. It was incredibly smooth and comfortable, able to cruise at 100mph all day. It had disc brakes all round with an anti-creep device which kept the brakes on after stopping, whilst in 'Drive' until the accelerator was pressed. It had a beautiful interior with quality leather, walnut and deep pile carpet. I would love to drive one again? Today I own a BMW 730i V8, 220bhp, auto, leather, walnut etc.!
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