1. Full Air System

Getting more power from your TT means allowing the car to breath. After all, the engine needs oxygen to combust fuel, and planting a cool air intake and header-back exhaust system is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to see power gains. Since the TT’s stock cams only feature two exhaust valves, a ported performance cam will allow a greater exhaust flow out of the engine.

2. Fuel Upgrade

Be sure to tune the car’s fuel to air ratio whenever you replace an intake system, as a change in airflow without subsequent change in fuel volume will minimize power increase and potentially damage the engine’s internal components. An aftermarket fuel pressure regulator will allow you to achieve a greater fuel input to match the upgraded air system. High flow injectors are also key to maximizing power from these systems.

3. Suspension

In order to handle the increase in power, it is important to have adequate suspension. The TT’s magnetic suspension already makes for a sporting drive, however some previous models use standard dampers and coils. To dramatically improve ride performance, “spring” for an upgraded suspension, preferably with fully adjustable shocks, so that you may tweak their performance at your discretion.

4. Turbo

Possibly the greatest single power jump any modification can give you, outfitting the TT with a high capacity turbocharger is among the most popular modifications available. It’s not just bolt on and start up though, the engine’s diverter valve must be uprated, and the heads must be replaced with the ported and polished variety fitted with a three-angle valve job. Finally, a remap is essential. The most popular turbo is the KO4, as it requires the least amount of engine adjustment to work properly.

5. Alloys and Brakes

A nice set of alloys will allow the brakes to cool off faster, and look snazzy to boot. Be wary however, as getting a larger set of wheels will alter drive ratio and affect performance, especially acceleration. There are ways to counter this, but it is recommended to keep the total diameter of the wheel and tire the same. Therefore, if you want rims an inch bigger than stock, get tires with an inch narrower profile. This will avoid a lot of headaches in the future. Making the TT faster is one thing, stopping it is a whole other ball game. Bear in mind there are three main parts to the brakes to consider when upgrading, and ignoring any of them could severely impede their performance. There you have 5 top mods for your Audi TT you can get great used Audi for sale for around £20k for a 2010 TT so it can be an affordable to end up with one super performance motor. The looks and the performance of these cars is just stunning and with these mods you will be really set. See you on the roads.
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